The Palm Beach State Library put 10 iPads in circulation and wanted a personalized lockscreen.

As new technology was being incorporated in the college’s inventory, the staff expressed a desire to identify the newly acquired devices with the college’s brand and the Library’s spirit of freedom with learning. They asked me to create a lock-screen that incorporated these two ideas and the school colors of green and gold. I presented an image of a butterfly in flight with a story printed on its wings.

This is an image created for Palm Beach State Library's iPad lock-screens. It features a butterfly, in flight, with a story printed on its wings.

The three images above show a bit of the process for creating my idea of a butterfly with words on the wings. I began with a stock photo of a Cruiser butterfly and modified it. Then, I superimposed a stock photo of an old text across the wings of the butterfly. I created an abstract view of a lush wilderness for the background to imply that the words took flight over an uncharted frontier.